My name is Bill and I want to share with you some of my background to help you understand me, and why I do what I do. I have been involved in various types of lending since 1992. My experience runs the gamut; from loan brokering to managing a major bank branch. I believe that there are two things that set me apart from my competition, and that is how I serve my clients and how I use my knowledge of lending to the benefit of my client.

I have chosen to specialize in this field because I too, have had credit problems. About 10 years ago I had my identity stolen. This person who did this to me proceeded to charge about $25,000 worth of electronics, personal loans, credit cards, and even an automobile. I was completely blown away by the various lenders who explained to me that the problem was mine, and that I was responsible for paying them back. After refusing to do so, I later found out that my credit was ruined.

I wasn't totally aware of how bad my situation was until I applied for a new job. At the final interview for a job, I was told by my interviewer that because my credit was terrible, they couldn't hire me. That killed me. My experience and professional track record could not surpass my credit situation. I had let years go by not addressing my credit problems because I thought nothing could be done. Well I was wrong. I found out how to traverse those serious issues, and I want to help you do the same.

I know that my profession allows me the opportunity to touch many lives, and I would rather those people impacted by my advice, be better for it. I know people will remember the value I have added to them and their families for years to come. It is imperative to me that I help educate a customer about their situation and help them understand what is necessary to get their request for funds approved. I can help make that happen because my network and knowledge in this area are so deep.

My knowledge about various types of lending serves me very well in my current position. I am able to place loans with various types of lenders and match a customer with a lender who is interested in lending to people in that customer's situation. I have extensive contacts with mortgage lenders, finance companies, private lenders, bankers, home equity lenders, etc.

Finally, I am trustworthy and honest. I don't believe in wasting your time or mine. I have two children, and if I waste time not being honest with you, is the same as stealing time away from them; I won't allow that to happen. I believe that you deserve to know the truth, and how to overcome any obstacle, is to first, confront it.

I am working with an excellent team of individuals here, with great amounts of talent and experience. I know that we provide the greatest care for our clients and help guide them through this financial maze. Its not easy to deliver to people exactly what they need, but that is what I love to do. One of my favorite sayings is..."I'd rather be lucky than good", but I have found that the hardest working people are usually the luckiest.

My name is Jamie... I love mortgage lending because it gives me the opportunity to help our clients achieve their dreams! Whether it is helping first time homebuyers get into a house, helping someone prepare for retirement or helping someone overcome financial hardshipit all delivers a high level of satisfaction.

I enjoy the challenge of finding a way to say yes, even when others have repeatedly said NO.

We are all faced with adversity in our lives. I believe that it is how we rise above the challenges and what we learn from them that matters most

I believe that developing a customized plan with clients based on solid information is key to maintaining our client for life program. In addition to putting a plan in place, it is also important to introduce the right professionals (i.e. CPA, CFP, Attorneys, etc.) to the client to help them achieve their objectives. When our clients are happy with their experience it sustains our business, which is based largely upon referrals.

My financial background is diverse having worked in loan servicing, loan underwriting, loan collections, business lending, marketing, A-paper lending and sub-prime lending.
Having several years as a bank manager has helped me see how all of the pieces of the loan puzzle come together. This allows me to make the experience of applying for a loan much easier for our clients. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their loan is structured for approval and will move quickly through the system.

On a personal level, it is important to know that I am very family and community focused. I believe strongly that in order to make a positive difference in ourselves that we need to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us.

I look forward to being of service to you and your family.