Need Comfort? Choose Josef Seibel Shoes!

If talking about one of the long-term players in the global market, the authentic German footwear brand Josef Seibel shoes is a good example of successful catering to the essential customer’s needs in footwear. Josef Seibel is named the European Comfort Shoe brand. Find out why it is so.

The brand itself belongs to the family of Seibel since the end of the nineteenth century. It’s the world-famous manufacturer that sells more than 6 million pairs of shoes annually in more than 40 countries. The footwear labelled with the name of Josef Seibel means the European standards in shoe styles for men and women, made from the premium quality leather and other basic shoe production materials. The brand all-season collections are globally recognized due to their attractive design and superb sense of comfort. These shoes and other footwear items can be perfect for those who value casual, smart casual and not that very formal looks or who likes to wear reliable, comfortable and durable modern-looking shoes daily.

While the Josef Seibel pair of shoes is manufactured, it undergoes both automatic operations and handmade stitching to provide the best quality, flexibility in wearing it and maximum comfort to the feet. This peculiar feature is provided by the selected highest standard leather materials, the strictest quality assurance in production, and many technological innovations that the German manufacturer utilizes at every stage of the footwear production.

The Josef Seibel brand shoes have got the extremely comfortable soles, that provide the anatomically proper conditions for the feet during walking and while sitting or standing. The specific massage insoles guarantee you the highest level of comfort when you’re wearing the Josef Seibel shoes. The relaxing effect is made due to the soft, elastic inserted piece covered with pimples, which provides the pleasant slight massage and increases blood circulation in feet and legs.

The perfect comfort feeling in Josef Seibel footwear is created due to the leather insoles with little holes and flexible polyurethane sole that possesses an excellent shock-absorbing feature. In some Josef Seibel shoe collections the branded Air-Ped system is used. It is the special insole material which has been manufactured from the mixture of latex and authentic leather. This insole can greatly diminish the stress which your feet can experience during walking or running. This Air-Ped system also cools the feet quite well to provide them dry and comfort through the whole day.

Another advantage of the Josef Seibel footwear lays in the most peculiar and recognizable brand thing, as the famous stitching strobel, or the handmade stitching by which the expert shoe maker connects the uppers and the sole together in one shoe. This peculiarity of the Josef Seibel brand makes all the footwear products flexible, comfortable and long-to-serve. The Top Dry Tex system is another technology which allows the inner part of the footwear to be water-resistant and, at the same time, to breath.

The Josef Seibel brand offers the widest range of footwear for women and men providing the various shoe styles for every judgement and all the occasions in life. The Josef Seibel comfort shoes company presents its customers with the highest quality stylish footwear at affordable prices, with the significant durability of each and every pair of shoes. All the above-mentioned features and technological know-hows offered by the Josef Seibel brand have gained this footwear the deserved European and global recognition as the daily comfort shoe maker.

Nowadays the full array of footwear collections by Josef Seibel can be found in online stores and shipped almost everywhere in the world. Traditionally the native Germany, the overall Europe and both Americas, not to mention Australia and New Zealand celebrate the best traditions of Josef Seibel daily casual footwear and comfort styles.